Friday, February 26, 2016

Kent State UXD Program:Reflective Journaling Week 6

I mentioned in our virtual class that I drive a lot, probably more than most to my job every day (about 130 miles round trip).  I listen to Audible audio books to pass the time and the book that I am wrapping up this week is a book about asking questions.  What?  I know, right.  What is so complex about asking questions you might ask.  Well, the book often cites and justifiably so that as we grow out of childhood we start to absorb a large amount of information and ask questions a lot less.  Why is this important and what does it have to do with User Experience Design?  The idea of asking good questions like why or what if is consistent with many great innovative leaders like the late Steve Jobs.

     The book I read/listened to was called  “A More Beautiful Question:   The power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough ideas” by Warren Berger.  Warren goes into detail about how to ask good questions.  What I am getting at is that as a designer you want to make the web site or app the best it can be and that means making sure it makes the largest impact for the customer.  Those designers who want to elevate their skills will look beyond just creating an effective design using color, contrast, and grids.  Those designers will look deeper into the emotion so that the tone and context of the web site or App is very powerful.  In order to get that far it will help you to understand how to ask good questions.  Now as a designer you can't ask why does the customer want to build this web site or App at least initially.  After all it is your job to build it.  But you can make specific observations to the client and ask a question like "What are some specific impacts you believe this site may make in your business/industry?"  When a client or customer starts to understand that you really care about the mission of the project and not just the dollars you are getting paid they will allow you the space to ask those why questions.  In due time you may help the web site or App go from a good or a great looking site or App to a beautiful vehicle of communication and awareness for your client's project that you will never forget. 

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