Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kent State UXD Program:Reflective Journaling Week 7

This week I wanted to highlight a book I just completed listening to (using audible) for the second time called Mindful Leadership.  The concept of Mindful Leadership has a place for every person but specifically for designers of any industry.

Last week I mentioned that as a designer when you start to ask good questions you start to earn the trust of your client/customer.  But as a individual in our hectic day of life it can be hard to find the space to ask good questions.  When this happens it becomes less about creativity and more about getting the job done.  Janice Marturano in her book "Finding the Space to Lead: A Practical Guide to Mindful Leadership" offers a practical guide to mindful leadership and one of the core principals is Creativity.  Creativity, Compassion, Focus, and Clarity form the foundation and as she describes in her book all of them are needed to be mindful in a leadership setting.

I strongly recommend the book to anyone who has found themselves doing things almost automatically without thinking about it.  If you find yourself asking why you are doing one thing in particular and cannot clearly answer that question this is a great book to steer yourself back to the path you are destined for.

I prefer the audible edition because she also includes several meditation practices on it.

Here is the Kindle version link

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