Sunday, February 14, 2016

Kent State UXD Program:Reflective Journaling Week 4

Workflow is often an overlooked part of user experience.  Many including myself try and come up with the best looking color pattern and spend time looking on kuler for the best color combination.  In a previous post I mentioned that design is a service oriented business.  That is, the best designers are often those who think about their audience and serve their audience by understanding them better than any other designer.  Workflow is a pivotal but often overlooked step in the area of user experience.  My wife and I although not dancers enjoy watching the show so you think you can dance.  Some of their best moments in those dances are the transitions from one movement to another which are basically akin to workflow.  As a designer you always need to be thinking of the steps your audiences take and the transitions they make from one step into another so they don’t get confused or worst lost.

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