Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kent State UXD Program:Reflective Journaling Week 3

In a response to a post this week I mentioned a study that showed people forget more frequently when they walk through doorways.  The point here about design is you want to make sure the audience you are designing for doesn't take too long to perform their task.  If it does take a long time then it is important as Johnson(2013) describes that you allow them to record what actions they took.  The wonderful thing about design is that it is so open and you can be so creative.  The bad aspect is design is that many people start to care about the elements of a design more than the audience they are designing for.  As designers we should celebrate when we create a cool new design but we should also celebrate when we design something so well people don't even notice.  Design is a service as much as it is a craft.

Johnson, J. (2013). Designing with the mind in mind: simple guide to understanding user interface design guidelines. Elsevier.

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