Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kent State UXD Program:Reflective Journaling Week 5

This week our class read about the golden ratio, grids, symmetrical and asymmetrical design.  These are all great tools for helping you decide how to present the most relevant part of your story first.  What is most challenging is often we try to make things complex because we believe that is what people want.  It is true that many people want to see a great design.  But the story you want to tell is often the most powerful when it is told in the most simple way using a minimum number of bell and whistles.  Grids and principals are a great way to reduce the complexity into something that is manageable for the end user to understand.  Great design is about a great amount of effort to understand the story you want to tell and how your story fits into the lives of others.  Great design is a good first step but the information architecture of your design and how much value you are providing to the viewer is something that is just as important.

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