Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kent State UXD Program- UXD in Practice Reflective Journaling Week 7

I had the opportunity to listen/read to the first part of the book called Nonsense:The Power of Not Knowing by Jamie Holmes.

It is a fascinating voyage into the power of letting yourself not know and the impact of doing this.

This is interesting to me because I believe designers are great at doing this more than anyone else.   Designers can hold a thought an idea in their mind and not make a decision right away what they want to do with it.  Most people have a sense of urgency to make a decision and find themselves that they are not creative.  They are creative but they not have the patience for taking a chance of
not knowing something.  The book discusses the impact of not knowing and most often our emotions are amplified, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  I am still reading it but I would recommend anyone who is interested in this unique skill, of  not knowing (or not always having the answer) and still thriving and being successful in your career.


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