Sunday, April 3, 2016

Kent State UXD Program- UXD in Practice Reflective Journaling Week 2

I drive about 70 miles to work each way and to deal with the amount of driving I have been listening to Audible audio books a lot.  One book in particular that I love is a book called Glimmer by Warren Berger.  I strongly recommend the book for any interested in the field of design. 

One of the key topics discussed is the nature of using research for design.  There are some critics of using too much design.  Some say research is done for research sake.  Bruce Mau is one the designers Warren talks about in his book.   Warren Berger talks about Mau when he states “Mau sketched his model, showing that instead of starting with research (top drawing), he starts with design speculation and then uses research at intervals throughout the process.”(Berger, 2009).  Mau still believes like most designers that your instincts need to be tested in the field with potential customers to make sure your design speculation is correct.(Berger, 2009)

Berger, W. (2009). Glimmer: how design can transform your life, your business, and maybe even the world. Random House Canada.

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