Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Experiencing Self and the Remembered Self

I recently watched a TED talk by Daniel Kahneman and I have realized another advantage of the concepts of Self Determination Theory.  Each of these components, Autonomy, Mastery and the ability to relate to others exist both in the experiencing self (acts in the present and can remember the past) and the remembered self (reflects on the past).  This is different then say honesty which as a specific meaning changes over time.  Every other year an event happens that seems to explain the core of certain leadership principles like honesty and integrity.  But each of these defined leadership attributes happen in the remembered self.  We look into the past for examples of honesty and integrity.  These leadership principles are defined in the past.  Someone can feel they act with integrity but its not really defined until after the event happens.  This is different than autonomy, mastery and the ability to to relate to others as we experience each of these three in the present (experiencing self) and also in the remembered self(reflection in the past).  

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