Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why the newspaper is about lifestyle and not "paper"

The demise or near demise of the newspaper has been a recent topic in the past few years. I don't buy it because its not about the physical paper contributing to the recent decrease in people reading the newspaper. Reading the newspaper for many is about taking time to relax and enjoy reading. The rise of the information from other places namely the web browser via the Internet has allowed people to reserve part of their day to use the Internet to get what they used to get from the newspaper. But many like sitting back on the couch and reading their newspaper, its their lifestyle. Most people would agree that many people that are older who grew up reading the newspaper still do because its a habit. Generally I would agree even though I am sure there are many people in their 30's and 40's that read the Sunday newspaper. The use of digital content will eventually kill the newspaper as a dominant form of getting information for most people. Since the technology can not immediately affect people's lifestyle, newspaper's death will be a slow one.

Newspapers will still be read by many until e-books become more advanced and get cheaper. Amazon's reader is a great improvement in an e-book reader in terms of how the material (novels, etc) are marketed and distributed.

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